The open hands of the singular lover

signify the absent body

and try to maneuver it (x2)

YOU a stand-in for every YOU spoken by the lover

Their gaze stays turned away from you

This particular YOU is irreplaceable

Nothing is to be learned from this love to apply it to another one

This love defies any professionalisation

We will not thank each other for the experience

It will not have mattered if our feet were dirty or clean

This has been no ordinary love

This has been an extraordinarily productive love

We managed to turn its experience into matter

We almost captured the whole thing

1. pushing/pulling

2. hanging/leaning

3. celebrating/holding on

Nothing smooth about

the inner workings of the power couple

Where the will to power is paramount

love will be lacking

and I feel the power

but you don’t

We’ve been too strong for to long

Tired of signifying

Freelance Lover closes their hands

to fists

to provide to themselves the needed resistance