Freelance Lover wants to practice
Freelance Lover wants their love to be received
Freelance Lover wants to show their commitment
Freelance Lover wants to prove that their feeling is not compromised by the form of their employment
Freelance Lover wants to work towards utopia
Freelance Lover wants to provide

Freelance Lover hops in and hops out. They ask themselves: Am I good at this?

Freelance Lover accidentally ends a work-email with: I love you. It was a reflex. They notice before they press send and change it to: all the best and see you soon.

Freelance Lover tries to understand from the gaze on their lover’s selfie if they have made this photo exclusively for them of if they have sent it out to the other lovers too, and if so, in the moment of the selfie who has been on their mind.

Freelance Lover wants each love to be specific. They want a specific name given by their love. Their love, after some consideration decides to name them: My little Freelance Lover. Freelance lover is unsatisfied. They think: a stranger from across the street could have noticed that I am short!

Freelance Lover wants to be irreplaceable. Freelance Lover is grateful that you can cover their shift. Freelance Lover dreams of making a 3D print of an admired colleague and watch it come to life in their apartment.

Freelance lover weiß, dass es besser ist, immer nur indirekt oder in Form einer Anekdote auf die eigene Prekarität zu verweisen.

Freelance lover denkt: Ich bin so skillfull, ich kann gar nicht prekär sein.

Freelance Lover says relieved: I lay all my love on this project. This project is all that matters to me for the next four weeks. Freelance lover welcomes the project as a break from their other obligations.

Freelance Lover is proud of their capability of feeling. They know they can get themselves to love almost anyone if they just have to sustain it for four to six weeks.

Und wenn du weg bist, arbeitet Freelance Lover an sich selbst und swipt, arbeitet und swipt, maybe a better gig is gonna come.