You start from a place of ongoing activity.

There is a state of well dosed happiness among you.

A mild smile as a way to make arrangements with each other.

The open gaze- rather peripheral – that doesn’t look at anyone or anything in particular. A gaze that includes everyone at once. Mean all. Challenge nothing.

Freak out a little bit. Freak out, but not too much.

Smile at each other and know exactly what kind of agreement these smiles mean for you – a sudden change of direction, a little hoppledihop, a consensual pausing.

The opened hair frames your face and magically stays out of your eyes. A structure of thin, dull lightness.

You prevent yourself and others. Prevent yourself from pain and prevent yourself from shame.

Lean into each other but keep your weight. Fall into each other but catch yourself. Do it for real but do not hurt anybody.

Offer something to your collaborators. In your reaction: Perform agreement, spread a little doubt here and there, reject the offer from time to time.

Give up your vertical structure. Create the illusion of ongoingness of that giving- up. How do you disguise the moment when you put yourself back into verticality?

Rejoice with your colleagues for something that you would have liked to possess yourself. Make a compliment for something that you grant the other but that you yourself desire.

Ask yourself the forbidden question: Which of your privileges could you live well without?